June 17, 2004

One picture is all it takes to describe tonight's work. I did more than wire this box, but since pictures of boxes moutned on the wall is about all I had to show I thought I'd give a close-up of the boxes I'm using. The box is a standard 4" square box with 1/2 & 3/4 inch knockouts. The front plate is a combination mud ring and mounting plate. The box comes preassembled and includes a grounding wire attached as well. It is intended for steel stud construction but works well for this application as well. Enough sales pitch, the work tonight was running more wire and finishing off each box. I learned a lesson when I wired the house, instead of just roughing out the boxes with wire I go ahead and finish them out so I don't forget what I was doing. I finished the south side so I am about half done wiring the shop portion, which gets me closer to sheet rocking it.

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