June 21, 2004

I have been looking forward to tonight's project since I learned I would be using the granite for my shop. I picked up some construction adhesive today and when I got to work on the shop project I started with the granite. The first thing to do was to try to match up the granite. Each piece had its original marking for matching ends, but for some reason the numbers did not line up so I decided it was best to just move the pieces around to get them matched for the thickness on the edge. There was a minor difference between the pieces but I matched them as closely as possible and then marked the wall so I'd know where they went when I moved them to add the glue.

I did not use a lot of glue, if I ever need to get these pieces loose I didn't want them glued so tight that I'd break them getting them off the plywood. The granite weighs about 100 pounds per segment so all i needed to do is to make sure they did not want to slide or creep about on the counter. I had to use shims to get the edges lined up even and will cut them off flush once the cement is set. The joints fit very tightly so I think I will pick up some black grout to finish them. The original installation had black silicone between the pieces and they left a 1/8" gap.

I used the rest of the evening to fabricate the head casing for the sliding glass door. This piece is made of 4 seperate pieces that I glued and nailed on the back side. All the trim will be painted so the MDF made an excellant material to shape into this classic trim style.

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