June 24, 2004

I had a very productive work session this evening. I started by constructing the upper cabinet that I had cut out last night. This was a large enclose, 5 foot high and nearly 4 foot wide, so it was very awkward to handle. Once it was constructed Sandy helped me get it on the trailer so we could haul it down to the new shop. Installing it was not as easy as building it. The first attempt to put it in the hole resulted in the thought that I had made an error and made it 3 inches too wide. So I set it back on the floor and tool some measurements, it was just exactly the correct size. So I tried again but I still couldn't get it in place. So I determined that the problem was that I wasn't getting it started in the hole straight. The only solution was to remove the door casing on the sliding glass door and then slide the unit in straight. It worked, but I was pretty nervous until I had it in place.

The second project went much easier. I took careful measurements and then fabricated the window jamb extenders, casing, and head piece. I generally install this on the window one piece at a time, but instead I constructed the entire frame and casing in one piece. I guled and nailed all the pieces and then installed it on the window. I am now ready to install the wainscoting.

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