June 26, 2004

Today was a short day, so I made the most of the time I had to work on it by getting a good bit of the wainscoting installed. I started on the east wall where the paneling meets the granite top. This wall took a bit of measuring and planning since the outlets and other openings need to fall somewhere in the panel and not on the space between. It was not possible to make it work out so I had to make two panels slightly narrower than the others to make the spacing work. So I started where I did to make sure my spacing worked out. The process is pretty simple, spread multi-purpose adhesive on the wall and stick the panels in place. I did use a couple brads to hold it in place until the adhesive dried. Between each piece of 1/2" MDF is 1/8" tempered masonite to fill the gap between the panels.

The picture above shows the toughest piece I had to cut. I had plenty of other openings to cut and had no trouble getting them to land squarely on the openings. But this piece took plenty of measuring to fit around the granite, the outlet, and the air conditioner.

By the time to quit came around I got the east, north, and west walls completed up to the granite. I need to finish over the granite and along the south wall and then apply some molding along the top of the paneling.

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