June 29, 2004

Tonight was a bit of a milestone for this part of the project. I finished all the trim work. I applied the top trim on the wianscoting and then fabricted and installed the final molding on the top. I glued both trim pieces on so that I could use a bare minimum of nails to prevent splits in the material. I also installed a molding around the air conditioner. In the picture below you can see the two drawer openings I created in the wall cabinet. I wanted to install drawers in my original design plan but held off since I thought they might not look proper. But once I saw the size of the cabinet once it was installed I realized a couple narrow drawers was a nice feature.

I did not install the baseboard heater in the picture below, but I needed to place it so that I could finish the base shoe that meets it on both ends. This is an eight foot heater and the space I left for it is not quite 8 foot two inches. I will be spray painting this heater to match the trim color to try to blend it into the wall.

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