June 30, 2004

The temperatures reminded us that it is nearly the 4th of July, it was warm and humid and the shop was no picnic for working. But it wouldn't have mattered if it was a nice temperature for working, the projects tonight would have heated me up no matter the conditions. The first project was to cut a 6 inch diameter hole in the 3/4 MDF top of the cabinet. I know, I should have done this when I was building the cabinet so I could have worked on it in a better position. But I wasn't sure if I was going to buy a new 4" can or use one of the 6 inch can I removed from the family room ceiling when we installed new cans there. The cheaper route won out but it took a week of thinking it over to decide. So I roughed out the hole with the sabre saw and then smoothed it up with a large wood rasp.

The other project was in the same cabinet. Here is where I simply forgot an outlet in the center of the cabinet. I doubt I will ever need it, but hated not to put one in in case if ever needed it. Thenight I shoved the cabinet in place I forgot all about cutting the hole for it, and as it turned out It was best to wait until now. The box I installed for the outlet was too low so instead of trying to move it up and route the wires over I turned the box around and had it open into the shop. Then I fed this new box out of the old and had the project finished. The big problem though was that I needed to remove the sheet rock from the shop side to get access to the box I covered up. The final picture is a project by Sandy and her dad. They dissasembled this bench last weekend when he came over for a visit and then applied several coats of clear finish to the weathered wood. Sandy paited the wrought iron fram and put it all back together tonight. Looks nice, eh?

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