June 4, 2005

Saturday is always my big day for work, and as much as I enjoy working in the shop, this view out the west door was pretty tough to take today. My plans for the day were to get some framing done on the new storage building but the rain I awoke to did not end like the forecasters said. So I went to work in the shop but really wanting to be outside working on the new building. Everytime the sky would brighten I would run to the window or door but most often was greeted with darkening clouds and more rain. I cut out the two sets of three drawers for the space below the miter boxes and got three of them constructed.

Following lunch, and plenty of complaining about the weather I decided to try getting some work done on the new storage building. Luckily the wind dried things out and blew the storm clouds away. The picture below shows the floor joist in place.

The next step was to cover the joist with 1/2 CDX playwood. All the framing and floor material is made of foundation grade pressure treated material to prevent problems with rot. I wanted a very rigid wood floor in this portable building so instead of depending on a single layer of plywood or using 3/4 plywood I decided to put a double layer of plywood on and stagger all the joints. I have used 3/4 pressure treated plywood on other projects and it is much to rough for a finished floor.

The final project was to close in the ends with 1/2 CDX plywood so that the rodents don't amke a new home of this building. We have a family of woodchucks in a building owned by our neighbors and we don't want to encourage them by leaving openings under our building.

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