June 5, 2005

We had big plans for today but the weather got in the way again. We started the morning with Sandy applying a coat of latex enamel floor paint to the new storage building floor to seal the wood and protect it against the rain that will fall on it until we get a roof on it. I started moving building materials that we had stored outside the new shop. I needed to clear the saw horses and get the sheets of siding into the shop. BMy other project was to begin cleaning up the framing material that is the salvage lumber from the machine shed and the old shop.

I barely got started on cleaning up the lumber when a rain shower ripped across the property and chased me inside. The picture above shows the fierce rain and wind that hit in less than a few minutes warning.

The five minutes later, and a 1/4 inch of rain in the guage and it was back to work. I was chased inside a second time later in the afternoon but the rain stopped as quickly as it started. Before I quit for the night I had moved all the lumber from the storage pile on the north side of the shop and removed all the nails from the salvage lumber. The lumber was pretty water logged on the bottom of the pile so I have it drying out for use later.

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