June 8, 2005

This morning instead of a sunrise I was awakened by a thunder and lightening storm that brought a half inch of rain with it. The rain continued through noon so I had little hope of getting to work on the storage building project. But when I got off work the sun was out, the humidity was about 90 percent and the temperature nearly 80 degrees. Perfect summer working conditions, or so I told myself. Tonight I pulled out the old table saw I tried to sell last fall and used it to rip the rough cut 2 X 6's into pieces 3-1/2" wide to match current stock sizing. The salvage lumber I am using varies in width from 6" to 6-1/2" and the thickness range is nearly as wide. I don't have any plans to line the storage building, but if we did in the future it would be difficult with this width range. I finished ripping enough lumber to construct the east and west sidewalls. I stacked it on the old picnic table with spacers between to allow it to continue to dry, and I laid out more lumber on my drying rack to speed the drying, now if it would just stop raining!

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