June 9, 2005

Tonight I got started with the framing of the new storage building. I have been anxious to get a wall standing so we could see the shape we have chosen. I used a design somewhat like Sandy's Shed, but in this case I made both roof pitches the same. The south wall is about 7 foot off the ground and the north wall will be about 9 feet. I started by laying out the roofline on the floor of the shed. I had laid this out on my CAD system and was able to use precise dimensions to outline the shape. Then I cut each stud to length following the lines I laid out. You will also see that I framed the door and window openings. The final step was to spike the rafter on the outside of the wall to hold it all together. I used 5 inch pole barn spikes as the lumber was over 2 inches thick and a normal spike would not have held this all together.

Raising the wall was fairly easy. I attached an angle brace to the north wall and it followed the wall up and acted as a prop while I straightened it and got it nailed down. I stopped to take these pictures because I was loosing my daylight behind the heavy clouds that threatened me with rain several times. Once the pictures were out of the way I added additional braces while I swatted at the pesky mosquitos that came out to see what I was doing. I will construct the west wall in the same manner before framing in the end walls.

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