June 11, 2005

I will open this update with a picture of the weather. I didn't hold much hope of working outside today when I saw how wet everything was. This is not fog but a fine mist in the air. It sprinkled on me abut three times, but then the wind freshened up and the clouds let a little sunlight through. I worked all day and the heavy rain that was forecast did not appear. I began by building the south wall that you can see below.

Since the framing on this project is pretty non-convential I decided to build this wall with a slanted top place to give extra bearing surface for the rafters. I am using salvage lumber that although solid does have a few soft spots from being wet under the leaking metal roof of the old machine shed. This extra bearing surface on the long slope will hopefully prevent any sagging under the weight of the roofing.

Buy noon I had the north wal completed, which is mostly header for the overhead door that we salvaged from the old shop. I had three rafters installed at this time. These rafters are about 13 foot long and the tails will be cut off once all are in place.

The rafters were not too difficult to install despite their length and weight (they are still pretty water-logged from lying in a pile on the north side of the shop). I installed croass pieces to support the rafters, which I hope will prevent sagging. To install the rafter I pushed it up on the center support, then carried the top end up and slid it back up hill over the top support. Then it was a simple matter to air-nail it in place. These rafters are on 2-foot centers.

By late afternoon I had completed all the roof rafters and took time to wind brace the structure on the inside. I will leave these in place until I get the siding and roof sheathing installed. The only props left outside the structure are the center supports that keep the long walls plumb. It was a very nice day for working, partly cloudy and enough breeze to keep the bugs off and keep me cool.

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