June 12, 2005

I opened yesterday's update with a weather picture, so I will do the same today. What a difference a day makes with the weather. It was warm, but not hot and humid, and although the forecasters threatened us with gusty winds and rain showers neither showed up all day. I began the day by installing the OSB sheathing on the roof of the new storage building. It went on quickly and I was surprised how straight everything was based on the fact that then entire framing structure is salvage lumber that is over 60 years old.

The low eve line made it especially easy to carry sheets up the ladder. The next project was to get the cedar band around the bottom of the walls, which serve to set the siding on. I also installed "Z" flashing between the cedar band and the plywood siding. This will prevent wind driven rain from leaking through the seams. I had time, and energy, to get the east and south walls covered. The north side will be a quick project as there is only a 24" strip of siding along side of the door and then 18" pieces above the door. But I was worn out, had too much sun, and needed to finish mowing.

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