June 20, 2005

I took fathers day off to go visiting and was anxious to get back on the project. But the weather got in the way. I halued the trailer full of tools out to the shed and installed a new lockset on the east door. Just as I was testing it the wind came up and I thought I could see rain across the field to the north. So I drove back up to the shop and put things away. What I thought was rain turned out to be wind-blown dust ion advance of the thunder storm bearing down on us. So I remained in the shop and worked on a couple picky projects. The first was to make the small fascia returns that are needed to complete the fascia. These are pretty small and each one is uniqe to fit the proper corners. I glued them together with polyurethane glue and will screw them to the fascia tomorrow, weather permitting. The other project was to sand the counter tops, fill the nail holes in the maple, and apply the second coat of varnish.

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