June 30, 2005

The foul weather moved out of our area today, leaving us with low humidity, cool temperatures, and a gusty wind. I got an early start to the project and worked primarily on the north side. I installed the drip cap and door casing and then moved on to completing the batts. Following this I worked inside to get 2 X 4 blocking in place for the 8 foot high seam in the plywood siding. This was necessary because the thin plywood was bowing from all the moisture. I also nailed between the studs at the base of the siding because it was bowed there as well. The shed is now ready for caulking and stain, and that will be a July project. The picture below has nothing to do with the shed, I just liked the cloud formation and thought this was as good as any place to display it. These clouds were on the move to the south and did not produce any rain, just a grand view.

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