March 6, 2004

Some days I work all day long and when it is time to take a picture for the update I need to hunt for a picture subject. And so it was today. I worked all day in the office area getting some wiring and conduit work completed. In the picture above I have marked the 2" PVC conduit that connects the panel to the attic. I will install a junction box in the attic and this is the route that most of the shop wiring will take into the panel. It is large enough to allow for future changes. The 1-1/4" PVC connects the lighting panel to the attic and is primarily for future expansion needs.

This picture shows the conduit in the attic area. I installed two 3/4" EMT conduits coming out of each corner of the panel. The one on the right connects the panel to the junction box at the garage floor level that will provide power to the table saw. In installed two 3/4" EMt conduits under the floor framing last summer and this now completes the path from the panel to the saw. The 3/4" EMT conduit on the left side of the panel connects the main panel to a sub-feed panel that will provide power to the new air compressor and the dust control system. The picture belows shows that panel and an outlet box below for the compressor. The other conduit exits the wall cavity and will be enclosed in the base below the dust machine.

I worked all day on these projects and also got wires pulled for the exterior lighting that will be installed when the ground firms up a bit from the snow melt. These will be dusk to dawn wall packs. My final project of the day was to get a 1 X 4 nailer installed on the office ceiling for the ceiling tile and an electrical box for the paddle fan that will be installed later. I will use this box for a temporary light.

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