March 20, 2004

We took a weekend off the shop to participate in our son Brian's wedding, a very good reason not to work, in our opinion. So today it was time to get back to work on the shop. It was another day that was very busy but little to take pictures of. I worked all day on completing the wiring for the office. This included running more communication wire to the second computer desk.

I was going to supply one desk only with communication hook-ups but decided that since I do not know what I will want to do in these spaces in the years to come I would be better off to run cable now in the event that my needs change. The box on the left is the communication box and the one on the right is the outlets for the computer equipment. I finished up the day by running two outlet circuits from the panel to the south wall of the shop since I had one more opening in the top of the panel and the ceiling was open. I am now ready to start finishing the ceiling and walls.

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