March 28, 2004

I was only able to get one day on the project this weekend so I made a full day of it. I started with the ceiling tile and did hve some trouble. Somehow I got my furring strips misplaced and had to make some adjustments in them to make things come out right, this cost me some time. But the overall effect is good so I didn't worry about the extra time.

The next project was to apply gussets over the joints between the 1 X 12 Cedar band and the siding. I did this same thing in the finish room and will do the same in the rest of the shop. This is taking a lot of scrap material but I will probably need to use new material before long. These are glued and then stapled in place until they glue sets.

The final project was to insulate all the walls and apply a vapor barrier to the two outside walls. I can start the sheetrock on the next available work day.

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