March 6, 2005

Today did not go the way I had it planned. I wanted to get a lot of work done but by mid afternoon the wind was howling at about 40 MPH and the power started cutting out about every 3 or 4 minutes. I finally went off at about 2:30 PM and did not come back on until after 4:00 PM. I started the morning by installing the bell you seel screwed to the ceiling near the furnace. This is a project Sandy suggested. Since I do not face the door when working at the table saw whe wanted a way to warn me that she was entering the shop. So I mounted a transformer in the attic and wired the bell to a button beside the door. The bell is loud enough to hear over the table saw so hopefully it will work as planned. When this was done I built a drawer for the hobby bench and used formica glued to the sides and bottom as glides. I primed all the new wood while the power was bumping in and out so quit when I had finished the primer.

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