March 13, 2005

My first project today was to sand the cabinets I painted yesterday and apply the final coat of oilbased paint on them. Before painting I installed a work light above the bench. The this afternoon I tackled another cabinet project for the finish room. In the picture above, beneath the tools, equipment, and material moved from the old shop is a set of shelves I constructed for the old shop. The material I used for these shelves was salvage 3/4 fir plywood that I estimate is over 40 years old. The shelf unit was used as a nail bucket shelf in the old shop and did not have any paint on it since most of the old shop was constructed as a temporary set-up. So I pulled the shelves out, squared the unit up, and installed a 1/4 plywood back. Then I installed face frames and sanded it down. The picture below shows the shelf unit as it will hang on the north wall of the finish room before I tipped it over and applied a coat of primer to it. This will be the final cabinet for this room and will provide a lot of storage space for all those things necessary to run the shop.

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