March 20, 2005

In case you think you tuned into the wrong page rest assured you haven't. The picture above was the same lead picture as the update for Saturday. The reason for repeating it is to show the starting point for todays project. I got a late start today because our Grandson Levi came for a visit. But I slipped out to the shop for a few hours to get started on another remake of and existing cabinet. If you look closely behind the pile of boxes you will see a 2 foot wide by 8 foot long cabinet lying on its side. I cut the cabinet up to fit the spot and got it mounted in place. I cut shelves for the cabinet that will allow the storage of old peanut butter jars that I use for screws and other nuts, bolts, and washers. There will be a countertop across the top of the green drawers onto the new cabinet, making a seamless top. I finished up by priming the cabinet and the window jamb and trim.

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