March 26, 2005

I worked all morning on the first project of the day. I washed all the pats jars that were covered with dirt and grime from the old shop and then arranged them on the shelves of the new cabinet. The next project was to make a formica covered countertop of the drawer units and new cabinet. I used salvage plywood and some formica that I have had around for at least 6 years. I realize the black formica will show dust but since I had it I thought I should use it.

This afternoon I constructed the shallow shelf unit that is marked with a red arrow in the image above. This shelf unit will hold over a hundred peanut butter jars, most of them will contain wood screws and other small hardware. The shelves pictured below were cut from the material salvaged from a very old bookcase that we have moved around with us for over 30 years. This wasn't a highly finished bookcase and has made its home in my old shop. The final project was to prime the shelf unit, shelves, and the office door trim.

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