March 31, 2005

It is the last day of March and I felt that an update was in order even though my progress in the last two days doesn't show much. Last night I applied the second coat of oil based paint to the shelf unit and the door trim. I also worked on my hardware, trying to get things organized. Tonight I worked for three hours standing in this corner sorting screws and getting screws into containers. The problem with all the screws I have is that every box seems to be a different size and shape. So I purchased some of the new cheap food storage containers (the disposable type) and used them as a way to make stackable and see through storage. I emptied three storage boxes and a bucket of hardware that has been stored since the move from the old shop. Although the counter and shelves look pretty clutter most of the hardware is stored where it will be until I take more time to organize it further.

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