May 17, 2003

Although May 15th was the official start of work on the new shop May 19th was the first full day of work. We began by locating the lot pins and laying out the exact location of the shop. We have done a lot of "stepping off" the location but this layout was very exact to meet Cerro Gordo County building code requirements. The orange lines you see are the corner of the garage portion of the shop.

If a guy is going to work with a great piece of earth moving equipment it is absolutely necessary for him to have his picture taken with it, don't you agree? As we mentioned this equipment is on loan from Knorr Electric and Well Service and we greatly appreciate the trust he placed in us. Unfortunately the afternoon work with the backhoe was cut short when one of the hydraulic hoses developed a hole and sprayed fluid all over. But the picture below does show what we got done before stopping.

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