May 31, 2003

Following a very late night on the road returning from delivering the radio to Dubuque I wasn't sure just how much work I would get done. But as it turned out it was a great day for working, cool and bright sunshine with a light breeze. So I went to work on squaring up, leveling, and back filling the concrete forms. As you can see I am making use of the broken concrete that we removed on our first day of work to fill in where I dug too deep. There won't be any fear of settling with this as a base.

The other small project I worked on was bonding my ground wires together on the 4" PVC dust control pipe. I tied the bolts together with copper wire and secured it with nuts. I also attached a ground wire to the garage end of the pipe and routed it to the water pit area where I will have a ground rod driven in the sump hole.

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