May 1, 2004

What a beautiful day for working, it was sunny yet cool and very little wind today. I started by framing the end wall that has the entrance door. This wall went up quickly and I finished the siding next. I then needed to construct the gable end overhangs. This picture above shows how I started. I nailed short 2 X 4 blocks to a 1 X 4 that was cut the same as the rafters. Once ready I stapled this into place as you can see above. Then I spiked a 2 X 4 rafter to these blocks to complete the assembly.

The next step was to apply sheathing to the roof and then install the fascia all around. I finished the day by installing the metal roof edge trim. Tomorrow I will get started on the shingles and hopefully will have time to hang the door to close it up.

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