May 2, 2004

Today my goal was to get the shed closed up to the weather and the birds. Yes, the birds. It is nesting season for every type of bird and this morning I wacted a dozen starlings check the shed out thorugh any opening they could find. I hate to see them start a nest and then be forced to tear it out, so I needed to stop them before they started. The weather was cold and windy with little or no sun. The pictures in this update show that the skies did clear later in the day and we had some sunshine.

I started the shingling on the front slope and had it done in less than an hour. I did need to set a toe hold as I couldn't safely reach the top of it with the ladder and it is far too steep to stick to. It took about 2 hours to finish the back slope and it needed a toe hold as well. In fact as I applied the ridge row I laid a short ladder on the roof supported by the toe hold as the slope was just too steep to be real comfortable without it. The next project was hanging the door, which was a prehung steel door so it went in quickly. I finished up the day by installing the soffit on the long sides and on the southwest end. This didn't make it totally bird proof, but they will have very limited access and I should be able to finish up tomorrow night.

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