May 8, 2004

We had a light rain last night that left everything soaking wet. So instead of starting on the shed I decided to work on the shop office until things dried out a bit. I started by sanding down all the joint cement and then cutting the speaker holes. I had marked the location of the speakers before taping the joints and wanted to get them cut in before I lost my marks. Then I installed the crown molding around the ceiling and caulked it it. I am now read for ceiling paint and may get to it tomorrow.

After lunch I grabbed a shovel and started digging the trench for the electrical service to the new shed. The trench was pretty shallow due to the buried concrete from previous owners. But once the conduit is buried I will backfill over the top of the area with black dirt to make sure the conduit is deep enough to prevent damage to it. I ran a 3/4" PVC for the telephone cable and a 1" PVC for the electrical service. The electrical service will include a panel in the shed with several circuits to feed outlets and the lights. The outside light beside the door will be fed from the night light circuit in the shop so that it will operate dusk to dawn. Following the installation of the conduit I pulled the wire from the shed to the new shop panel. It was a tough pull with about 80 feet of conduit involved. The picture below shows the shed end of the pull.

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