May 10, 2004

The weather warmed up again today so by the time I got home and started working on the shed the temperature in the shed was nearly 100 degrees. It did cool off a little when I opened it up but the biggest change came as I insulated the ceiling. When the last couple pieces went in the temperature dropped 20 degrees in a few minutes. I also got the flat ceiling section sheet rocked along with the back slope. I used the nail arrangement shown below to hold up one edge of the flat section while I got a couple screws in place.

The back slope was easier as the top plate acted as a shelf to set the bottom edge on and then start screws on the top. I will be use batts on all the joints and to cover the screw holes when the sheet rock is complete. I am afraid that if I tried to tape the joints they would just crack open since there is no foundation on this shed.

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