May 22, 2004

The only thing the first picture on this update has to do with the shed or shop project is to report on the rain we had. Our guage was filled to the top in a 24 hour periond, and this reported 5 inches of rain. This little toy wheel barrow setting in front of the shed was full to the top and I did stick a tape measure in the deepest place and measured 3". Our county, Cerro Gordo, was declared a disaster area based on the heavy rain and flooding. But our property is high and dry so work started by finishing up the baseboard in the shed and a couple strips I had forgotten the other day.

I did a little caulking on the joints of the strips and while it set up I wired the time clock that controls the two exterior outlets that we will use for Christmas decorations. I also constructed a door to cover the clock and wiring for a cleaner look. I then installed the outdoor light fixture that was salvaged from Sandy's parents house. This fixture had several coats of paint so I sanded it down and painted it bright red to match our color theme and hung it beside the door. It is controlled by the nightlight control in the new shop. I didn't take a picture of the next project, but want to mention it anyway. I removed the weather vane that we installed on the new shop and installed it on the shed. We are considering a larger weather vane for the new shop so thought this was a nice finishing touch.

I worked the rest of the day painting the first coat of paint on all the walls and ceiling surfaces. I will need to apply a second coat to all this plus get a couple coats of paint on the cabinet.

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