May 31, 2004

We took Sunday off but got back into the shed project today and it is done on the inside. I started the day by working on the carpet. We selected an outdoor rated candy strip carpet, it is pretty cheap but really makes a nice floor covering for the shed. Sandy helped me out getting the carpet cut and laid in place and then ran the tools to the water for clean up after I applied the glue. We also installed carpet on the bottom shelves of the cabinets since these will be used for large containres of potting soil and other such material. We knew a painted shelf would mark up pretty badly.

This afternoon we hung all the tools that we will store in the shed. We used hooks that have a nice heavy vinyl covering on them, and of course they are red. We also assembled a chrome shelf for flower pot storage and moved a cedar potter shelf from the new shop where it was stored when we tore down the machine shed.

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