May 3, 2005

The image above is of course not part of the shop project, but a reminder that it is spring. Although the overnight temperature was an all time low for May at 22 degrees, the birds are busy building nests in the spruce trees near the shop. I have stirred up the pair of Morning Doves that have made a nest in the spruce tree closest to the drive leading to the shop so I stopped to investigate on the way to work. The two pure white eggs were unattended at this time so I snapped a picture and moved on so that the parents would not be offended with unannounced visitors. The picture below shows the progress for tonight. I fabricated a 20-2/4" wide cabinet section to accomodate one of the motorized miter boxes that will be part of this cabinet. Then I rebuilt the radial arm saw cabinet that I constructed in 1977. This cabinet has moved from Spencer, IA to Albert Lea, MN and now down to Mason City. It features a large drawer fitted for the parts and pieces that fit the saw. I will need to construct a door or drawer for the lower portion of the cabinet, but for now it is plumb level and square in its permanent home. Luckily this entire run of cabinets will be painted and blend in nearly 30 years of use. For the time being the saw is just setting on the cabinet so that I can move it about as I continue to construct cabinets.

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