May 8, 2005

Today was a day full of interruptions on the project. But I did take time to clear the north wall of all the material and shelves. It took over two hours to clean it out and make room for the new cabinets. I tore one of the shelf units apart and cut it up for shelves. These shelves will be used on the upper wall cabinet units I finished yesterday. The corner marked with the arrow was the site of the first cabinet on this side of the north wall. It will be a unit to hold the samll scrap wood that is so necessary for every woodworking shop. I started by gluing and nailing cleats to the wall to support the shelves. The wall is covered with 1/2 Plywood that was at one time the front of the old machine shed. So I applied primer to it before assembling the unit, I'd rather not look at the red barn paint inside. The piece of particle board in the foreground is the partition for this cabinet. As you can see I got it assembled and and filled up as well. I spaced the shelves about 8 inches apart to prevent the large stacks of wood I have had in the past that turn into a mess.

One of the interruptions on the shop project today was a Mother's Day gift for Sandy. We have been wanting one of these chairs and today was a good reason to buy one. At the store it is of course fully assembled and when I picked it up at the warehouse behind the sotre it came in a flat box, obviously needing assembly. It went together well and will make a nice addition to our front stoop.

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