May 10, 2005

I didn't get a thing done on the shop tonight, instead I worked with the Netconx guy to get our new wireless Internet service installed. The picture above shows the antenna that is pointed to the southwest to look at the tower located on a city golf course. The installation involved routing the small coax cable from the cupola, down through the attic, into the crawl space, and back up into the house office. I did all the attic and crawl space work and by the time we were done I was done in. While on the roof I replace more shingles (those damn Tamko shingles are just no good) that the wind blew off. Right in the middle of installing this antenna the lumberyard truck arrived with a load of lumber and sheet goods to be used to construct the storage shed out in the back yard. We will have an update page for this project as well.

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