May 21, 2005

The plan for today was to start the footings for the new storage building we are needing to build. But the weather and other projects got in the way of this plan. The forecasters said it would rain towards evening but as it turned out we awoke to fog and then heavy rain. We got over an inch of rain during the day and high winds. So I worked on getting shelves set in the shop and fit the screen door so I could proceed with the varnish. By afternoon it was evident that I was not going to be able to work outside so we went to work on our home office area to get our new computer set up on a desk. The picture below shows our progrees towards this end. Yes, we bought a ready made piece of furniture, the kind that says "some assembly required." I teased Sandy that if the shop was done I could have built two computer desks in the time that it took to assemble this one. As you can see the drawers are not completed and the computer is in pieces. Sunday we will finish it up, but we decided that at 11:00 PM at night it would be best to get a fresh start.

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