May 30, 2005

Today we shifted gears to start a new project and as much as it is directly part of the shop it certainly is a major part of completing the shop. I had wanted to construct this storage shed last summer so that when we moved out of the old shop we could move things right into the storage shed instead of into the shop. What you see above is the layout I did before driving the first stake. The building will be 12 foot by 16 foot and will rest on concrete footings so that the building can be moved if necessary. I began the project by laying out the west footing, which was the lowest in elevation of the three. I staked the 2 X 4's right on top of the ground and then began pouring concrete.

We set up our mini-cement plant in the shop driveway next to the pile of concrete mix gravel. The old lawnmower and trailer became our cement truck to transport the concrete to the building site. It took 9 batches to pour the footing, and halfway through it I dropped two 3/8" r-bars in for added support. The picture below shows the completed west footing.

After cleaning up the concrete mixer and other equipment I went to work on the east footing. I began by installing stakes and the north and south end, then stretched a string to drive additional stakes to support the form. I had to dig out the sod to make this footing level with the first.

Following the second concrete pour I went to work on the center footing. Since I found the ground hard to dig I brought out the garden tiller and broke up the sod. As you can see I finished up the footing form but did not get it poured. This will come tomorrow night if the weather cooperates.

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