May 31, 2005

The clouds hung heavy in the sky all day, but the forecasters said, "No rain until very late tonight." So I made plans to pour the last footing for the new shed. But as I left work it was sprinkling and upon arrival home I thought I'd be rained out. As I got to the shop the light sprinkles were heavier so I went to work on my new screen door. I installed the screen and the screen trim pieces before hanging the door and installing the spring and door handle. I noticed that the rain had stopped and since there wasn't hardly enough to settle the dust I decided to set-up for mixing and pouring cement.

It took all the portland cement we had left to make enough concrete to fill the forms. As soon as I finished pouring the cement I cleaned everything up since the weather looked more like rain and I hated the thought of cleaning up in a pouring rain. I pulled the forms from the footings I poured yesterday and when I finished troweling the last footing I used the form material to make a temporary cover over the fresh concrete. I was afraid of a down pour of rain and although the temporary cover is not completly watertight it will prevent any potential damage to the fresh concrete.

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