May 7, 2006

I have been long on work and short on updates and pictures so tonight's update will cover both Saturday and Sunday. As you can see in the picture above the concrete is gone and the surface is nearly prepared for grass seed. This is a long way from where we were earlier in the week. The 3" of rain earlier in the week left the area very wet and deep holes filled with water. But the contractor returned getting the remainder of the concrete out and smoothing things off the best he could. I had two truck loads of of black dirt delivered on Friday and the neighbor's nephew arrived Saturday to move the dirt around and use a 5' wide PTO mounted roto tiller to smooth things off. This left the surface rather rough and full of ruts so today I used the timber shown below to drag the surface as flat as possible.

Dragging this timber around with the riding mower took the better part of the day. It also rolled a lot of large rocks out of the dirt, which made picking them up easier. I also used our small tiller to loosen up the high spots and then drag it into the low spots. The neighbor loaned me this drag section below and I made about 6 passes over all of the surface to cut up the surface that had gotten packed from dragging the timber around.

The final project of the day was to hand pick as many rocks and chunks of broken concrete out of the surface as possible. We rean out of time but followed a pattern so we can tell where we finished off. Hopefully we can finish before we get any more rain. The last picture is the view from the north looking south.

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