November 3, 2003 9:22 PM

Well all the planning and scheming to get the rafters down without hurting me or the new shop ended in a rainstorm. It rained all day here, not heavy, just an all day soaker. There was no sense trying to work in it tonight so I took up position in my chair to get caught up on some computer work instead. At exactly 9:22 PM we heard a loud crash that could only be one thing, the machine shed collapsed. We of course ran to the windows to seethe damage with the hope that the new shop had been spared. We couldn't see through the rain and dark enough to tell so we got our coats and and walked down to see the damage. I can tell you I was a tickled as I could be to see a nearly perfect collapse of the structure. We will get better pictures in the daylight but at this point the shed in down far enough that it can't do any damage to the new shop. I don't know how long it will take to clean up the mess but at least it will be much safer than crawling around on a building that was weak enough to collapse unde the weight of rain water.

By way of explaining the picture you see here, the walls of the south half of the shed remain standing but leaning out from the center of the building. It appears as though the building seperated at the walk-in door with the north half of the east wall falling first. This seperated the roof at the ridge swinging both roof halves down from the eaves pushing the walls out at the top. All the bright white specks are reflections from the rain drops still coming down, and you can see the wind is whipping the moisture into a fine mist that is blowing all about.

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