November 4, 2003

It is time for a "post collapse" report on the machine shed. I wanted to take pictures this morning before leaving for work but the heavy overcast and light rain prevented me from doing so. So I left work early to get these shots before darkness came again. The first picture shows the area that I suspect came down first. The outside wall is lying steel side down with the roof framing laying on top of it. This wall section had the walk-in door and the overhead door opening and other than a few seperated joints around the walk-in door the rest of the wall is still intact.

The picture above shows the south end of the shed that was left standing. Note that there are 4 rafter sets still clinging to the top plate. The ridge line is leaning towrds the center of the building. The picture below shows the west wall that is leaning terribly with the roof framing folded down against it on the inside of the building. I was able to pull this down this evening and have a picture below.

The picture below shows the inside of the shed with the rafters still attached to the walls. The west wall (on the right) has the roof framing folded down against it like the east wall. If you compare the pile of lumber in the center of the floor to the same pile in the last image you can see how much framing material I removed as part of pulling things apart.

The final picture shows the result of my work this afternoon. My goal was to get the entire structure pulled down so that no accidents occur with this very unstable mess. I did get the west wall down in two steps. The first section pulled down with very little effort. When it was down I worked on the front of the shed trying to get it down and in the process the rest of the west wall went down when the leaning rafters got past dead center and pulled themselves free from the plate. As you can see the roof framing is still leaning against the inside of the east wall. I was unable to get the south and east walls to collapse. There is one pole left holding everything up, the wind is pretty stiff tonight and it is my hope that it will finish the job for me.

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