November 6, 2003

I got a late start tonight and as you can see it was dark by the time I finished. My goal was to demolish all the remaing wall and roof framing from the east wall that lies near the new shop. But since my fire pile was getting out of contrlo I decided it was best to get it lit to reduce the pile. So I hauled more wood to the pile and once it was lit went to work on the roof framing that covered the east wall where the garage door used to be. I hooked up the work light so I could see to remove the framing and stack it on the pile of wood I am keeping. I didn't get the wall demolished but did get most of the old lumber removed leaving the newer framing material that I had installed on a previous repair. Tearing this section apart will be a lot tougher because the lumber is new and the nails much more secure. It will need to wait though as we are not going to be working on the project for most of the weekend.

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