November 11, 2003

Monday night saw more light rain and chilly temperatures so I took the night off. Tonight I went right to work on the east wall section and got it torn apart and stacked on the pile. I stopped to take a picture of the last remaining piece of the wall before moving it. It is a 14 foot double 2 X 12 and it was all I could do to pick up one end at a time to move it. I remember installing this when I remodeled the shed several years ago and I installed it in two pieces and spiked them together. I'm not sure if I will tear them apart or use them as is. My other project tonight was to put plenty of 2 X 6 material on top of all the steel siding. We have a forecast of 45 MPH winds for tomorrow so I wanted to be sure that it remained where I stacked it and not blown all over the county.

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