November 12, 2003

The skies cleared today after we had strong winds and some snow showers. The winds topped out at nearly 50 MPH but the steel siding managed to remain in place where I had weighted it down. I wanted to get started cleaning up the lumber so bundled up in about a dozen layers to fight off the effects of the wind and went out to work. I wasn't sure what I could use for a picture so I posed beside the pile of lumber that needed cleaning prior to starting. I moved an old set of saw horses outside and worked close to the new shop in an attempt to stay out of the wind. Before quitting I was able to clean up all the newer material that I ripped apart last night and clean up 12 of the 50 rafters from the machine shed. The pile below is the start I made on the rafters. These are 15 foot 2 X 6 pieces but will end up about 14' when I clean off the rotted ends.

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