November 15, 2003

The weather today was anything but cooperative. It was gray and chilly with mist most of the day so things were pretty soggy outside. But I wanted to get the lumber pile cleaned up so I worked most of the day on it and as you can see in the foreground that the pile is nearly gone. The picture below shows a close-up of the pile of cleaned lumber. Some of the 2 X 6's are 18' long so I have a very usable pile of lumber for the next building we have planned.

While I was pulling nails from the lumber Sandy used the nail magnet to pick up the nails that were laying about on the concrete. I have tried to keep the nails picked up but the mess was getting out of control. As you see in the picture below we have nearly filled the 5-gallon bucket with nails. Our neighbor came over this afternoon and mentioned that he'd bring over a hay rack so we can load some of the steel for him to use on his project.

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