November 20, 2003

If you stumbled into this website and looked at the picture above you'd either wonder about our photography skills or what we are trying to show with this poor quality picture. But for us tonight was another milestone in this project. Sandy worked on moving the rest of the cleaned lumber that was stacked in this spot. She got it all neatly stacked on the north side of the shop before I came home. I started cleaning up some of the lumber but started loosing daylight so we decided to move the rest of the lumber off the machine shed site without cleaning it up. The pile you see below is about 5 foot high and of course some of the pieces are 18 foot long.

The final thing project was to get pick up the nails that were under the pile of lumber and the picture below shows Sandy sweeping up the mess. We have a forecast for rain turning to snow and our hope was to get the slab cleaned off completly before the weather turned. Unfortunately the guy that wanted the scrap steel did not show up today so we are left with piles of steel sheathing on the concrete.

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