November 21, 2003

We did it!! We beat the weather, met the county's deadline, and we have a wonderful new building that can now start to look more like a shop than a shell. I was able to get away from work early enough today so Sandy and I could load all the sheet steel in a truck and haul it to the scrap iron yard. The weather started to change today with winds out fo the NW and 33 degrees so we worked fast getting the 1680 pounds of steel loaded. We pulled it out of the truck twice as fast as it went in and were back on the scale in less than 6 minutes. We are not bragging about being speed demons, rather we were excited to have this phase of the project completed. When we returned home Sandy ran the magnet over the cement again to get all the remaining nails and I carried the lumber that we had used to weigh the steel down. And that was it, it was getting dark again but this time the sun set on a clean concrete surface.

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