November 2, 2004

Its Election Night, did you vote? We drove to Plymouth, IA, a town about 5 miles north of us to vote in our new polling place, ate at the Methodist Church chili supper, and returned home to settle in to watch the election results. But since it would be a couple hours before anything concrete was known (yes I know the networks know long before its official) I decided to run out and work on the shop. I apologize for the poor image quality, but it was pitch black by the time I was ready for the first picture, which shows the gable end after I removed the sheathing. I used an extension ladder from the inside and pryed the sheets off letting them fall on the ground below. I had removed the nails at the top edge on Sunday so it came of pretty easily.

The next step tonight was to use the old ridge pole to pull the gable end rafter and studs down on top of the ceiling joist. The picture above was taken looking up through the ceiling joist. I was pleased that the whole set of studs and rafters came down slowly like it was hinged at the top plate. It was then a simple matter to pry the studs loose from the plate and drop the rafter to the floor below.

The final picture is just as bad as the first one, but shows that I have removed the entire south wall of the old shop addition. Once I got started tearing off the framing material it was hard to stop as I was making pretty quick work of the demolition. But it was too dark to start removing the batts on the east or west sides so I dicided to give it up for the night. Besides I was anxious to see if my candidate was winning...............

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