November 3, 2004

We got a nice break in the weather today. We saw the sun for a couple hours after a cold night and early morning fog. So I got an early start of tearing the rest of the old shop addition down. The picture above shows the two outside walls and center wall framing that was left standing last night. Since the picture last night was so bad I thought it was important to get a better picture of my progress. I began by hauling four loads of material to the fire pile that I removed last night. Then I got to work on the two outside walls. I needed to remove the batts before I lost my daylight. It is too hard to work in the dark since I would be on the dark side of the siding. Once the batts were removed I made fast work of removing the sheathing. Then I used the sledge hammer and knocked the studs out of the east wall, leaving the joist hanging. Then I knocked 4 studs off the bottom plate on the west side to weaken the structure. It was a simple matter to then rotate the framing down into the pile you see below. The center wall studs are marked with the red arrows and the house garage doors can be seen in the background. And that is that! The entire structure is down and piled up waiting for the salvage people to carry off the good material. I have another night of burning material and then need to remove the foundation wall.

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