November 4, 2004

The first picture is the shop as I left it last night. My plan for the night was to haul the junk wood to the fire pile and then to remove the foundation wall that you can see in the picture below. The wood hauling went exactly as planned and I lit the fire without any trouble.

The removal of the foundation wall was not as easy as I planned. The problem I had was the wood plate I had installed when I built this addition. I was concerned that the block I laid might shift a bit on the cracked concrete foundation so I predrilled the slab, installed rebar in the holes and then laid the block over the top of the rod letting the rod stick out to extend through the plate. When I installed the plate I used construction adhesive between the block and the plate and masonry nails to hold it until the glue set. The long and short of this story is that the wood has swelled around the rebar with all the rain we have had and the glue was as solid as the day I installed the plate. But once I had the plates were removed I was able to knock the block loose. I will need to break the concrete block up before hauling htem off since they are filled with concrete and too heavy to lift.

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