November 7, 2004

The big project today was the removal of this shrub. We have a bit of a problem thinking of it as a shrub when it got so large, but it started out as a small evergreen shrub about a foot tall. It grew way beyond our expectations and it wouldn't look like much when the building is moved so we thought it best to get it out of the way. I had Sandy stand in front of the shrub to show the size of it.

I used a pruning type cutter to remove most of the branches and then got out the chain saw to remove the rest of it. Unfortuantely I hit a rock that had grown into the trunk so I had to leave more of a stump than I wanted to. The next project was to remove the wood deck that laid atop the three railroad ties marked with the red arrows. This deck was constructed out of salvage doors that we found in the machine shed when we moved here. The doors were constructed with 2 X 8 lumber with a 'Z' brace on the back. Most of the bracing had rotted away as did a portion of the surface as well. We hauled all of it (except the ties) to the fire pile to burn along with the shrub. I pulled the ties out of the dirt with a chain and the old mower. And while attached to the mower I dragged them to a location where the neighbor has a stack of them.

The rest of the day was spent hauling material to a salvage pile of lumber, burning up more scrap wood, and cleaning up the front of the shop that still had some of the old framing attached to it. By 5:00 PM I had finished all the projects that were needed to make this building ready for moving. It is now up to the neighbor to take over. I won't have any further updates until the shop is moved and I get back to work on the inside of the shop. So for now I thought I'd close up shop with a picture of a nice November sunset.

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