November 20, 2004

The old shop foundation sure looks strange to us as we look out across it. The old shop blocked our view to the north and now it seems too wide open. But there is no going back and today was a cleaning day outside. It was cold and windy so progress was slow. I started by replacing the mail box that was damaged a month ago by some farm implement traveling down the road. We waited to replace it until the shop was moved in the event that something went bad. I also cleaned out the ditch below it and while I did so Sandy started raking up the mess left around the old concrete floor. I replaced the 911 address sign that I had removed to protect it from the building movement and made several trips over to the neighbors to return lumber, beams, and some skid loader equipment left behind. The big project was checking the surrounding area for nails that had been dropped as the building made its way off the property. The only thing left to do is to repair a few ruts in the driveway and arrange the broken concrete on the north concrete floor. I need to flatten out the pile that was created when the old shop addition floor was removed. My concern is the fact that any pile in the yard turns into a snow drift and this is so close to the road that it would easily create a real problem. But the day was cold and gray and I decided to wait another day for warmer weather, hopefully there is at least one warm day left.

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